Our Culture

Our unique culture has enabled us to assemble an all-star team of talented professionals, which in turn attracts all-star clients.

While fast-growing companies have a lot going for them, they can lose it all if they are not grounded in something beyond the traditional measures of success. At Mitchell, we keep an intense focus on those things that define who we are regardless of size: our values, our unwavering commitment to people and a caring atmosphere with camaraderie and celebration.

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Our Values

Our success is the result of a clear, unwavering commitment to a set of core values. These, along with strong financial discipline, create the foundation for a results-driven future.

Our Values

Honest, transparent, forthcoming

Reliable, dependable – we do what we say we'll do

Treating others as we would like to be treated

Encouraging healthy debate to bring our best thinking forward

Challenging underlying assumptions Ensuring clear understanding

Resolving conflict productively

Appreciating the professional knowledge, skills and contributions of others

Anticipating the needs of others

Being responsive

Offering strategic counsel

Recognizing contribution


Delivering results that are valued and recognized by others

Ensuring excellence, quality

Being dedicated, demonstrating drive and a strong work ethic

To integrity

To our clients

To our profession

To each other

Community Involvement

Just as Mitchell works to achieve success for clients, we make it a priority to be involved in the community, charitable groups and industry organizations. Making a positive impact on our community and our profession is more than just a campaign; it's a commitment.

Giving is a priceless experience and one that our employees are very familiar with through their own donations. But Mitchell has created an additional, and quite unique, approach to charitable giving called "Ignite" that allows employees to direct agency financial donations and experience giving to those in need firsthand.

Give back to the community