Where are you right now as you read this blog post?

Do you consider yourself local in proximity to the brands around you?

Why is that?

OmniLocal consumer

The idea of local is changing, the definition of local is all around us and miles away at the same time.

We have recently concluded the first phase of an evergreen study to dig into the definition of local for brands, for customers, for consumers – and we’ve found it’s all about experiences, interests, and culture – but not tied down to geographic proximity.

Consumers Want an OmniLocal Experience.

Gen Z and Millennial consumers are reshaping the way brands go to market on a broad scale.

Through our work at Mitchell we’ve created tools to drive conversations through influencers and strategize content development exclusive to individual brands.

Through the fielding of our most recent study, and now the launch of the findings – “The OmniLocal Consumer Report: Mapping the Shifting Perceptions of Local in the Minds of Millennial & Gen Z Consumers” – we will help to usher in a new age of engagement for brands.

At the core of our study was the fundamental way that the definition of “community” has evolved for Gen Z and Millennial consumers.

Today we buy our favorite brands on the geological shelf in our neighborhood bodega AND the digilogical shelf on our e-commerce channels. Social media has flattened the world so the person who shares our affinity for a brand could just as likely be in Cairo, Egypt as Cairo, Illinois.

Proximity still matters; particularly as it relates to community knowledge, local brand interest, and brick and mortar. However, since digital can connect national brands in local ways, the fact is any brand can be local and local can be anywhere.

Brands Need to Know Local.

Demonstrating an understanding of the nuances of local communities elevates consumer interest in a brand and remains a necessity.

We invite you to dive in with us, to the #OmniLocal world around, where local is anywhere, and any brand is local. Let us know when you want to walk through this report together and create a communication strategy that speaks to the consumer engagement demanded by the OmniLocal consumer.