Companies have long understood the importance of local optimization in marketing campaigns. For years, building location pages and local media links have been common marketing practices. Community PR, on the other hand, is newer, and many companies are still trying to figure it out. Community PR requires a much different approach from the local marketing strategies that brands have grown used to.

A Community PR strategy expands the definition of local marketing. Communities may exist close together in the physical realm, but the ever-increasing importance of the digital world requires brands to think beyond geographical location. Consumers can now form communities entirely online, made up of people all across the world.

Community PR should dive deep into those communities with super targeted and very niche campaigns, and the best people to be on the frontlines of those campaigns are micro-influencers. Using the power of micro-influencers, companies have access to the exact audiences they want in the communities where they want to reach them.

Hyperlocal Influencer Marketing

Micro-influencers can create a deeper connection with your consumers than a large, traditional influencer campaign — making them the perfect match for a community PR campaign. They know your market, and they know the people within your market.

To find the right micro-influencers for your community PR strategy, analyze your social media followers to find leaders in niche interest groups. Use a tool that allows you to search by influencer location, size of following, and specific interest group. Once you’ve formed relationships with the micro-influencers you’ve pinpointed and convinced them to engage with your brand, you can get them under contract to begin creating campaigns with you.

Micro-influencer opportunities can generate up to 60% higher engagement rates than influencers with much larger follower lists. People feel that micro-influencers, who typically have only about 1,000 to 10,000 followers, are more genuine in their endorsements. Plus, investing in micro-influencers is much more affordable than their high-profile counterparts.

Consumers want authentic experiences more than ever — but they’ll walk away if your marketing isn’t tailored to them. Using micro-influencers for your community PR strategies ensures that you target the exact audiences you want and appeal to their desire for authenticity so that your company becomes a community brand name.