Mapping The Shifting Perceptions of Local in the Minds of Millennial and Gen Z Consumers

Public Relations Is Constantly Evolving. Your Company Should Be, Too.

Mitchell is an expert in today’s fast-moving media landscape that’s highly competitive and crowded. It’s no longer enough to create an attention-grabbing campaign and hope it goes viral. You need to get ahead of the story and be part of the conversation. That’s where we come in.

We build real relationships between businesses, brands and people in a connected world. Guided by strategic insights, we engage consumers through customized conversations that make real impact.

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We get
real people

Real people want authentic messages. They want connections that mean something to them as individuals.

Our team of professionals develops messages and comprehensive programs that create relevant and powerful dialogue, and ultimately build and maintain relationships with the people who matter most to your business – whether they are local, Middle America, urban or global.

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We Work In Good Company.

When you work with Mitchell, you join a roster of some of the world’s largest companies and best-known brands.

We build
real connections

Mitchell specializes in creating communications strategies that are tailored to each and every audience you want to reach.

Whether you need consumer marketing, hyper-local activation or brand reputation support, we develop strategies that are backed by insights, delivered through attention-grabbing creative and content that’s grounded in emotional connection.

People filter out information that doesn’t have an emotional connection. If you want it to stick, you better make it meaningful. We know how to do that.

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We’re An Exciting Place To Work.

There’s more to our work than just hard work. Mitchell is known for having a culture of joy and celebration. We believe in tailgate parties, wedding and baby showers, Bring Your Dog to Work Day, Food Truck Fridays, community giving through Ignite, and so much more. It takes happy and engaged people to come up with great ideas – and we have it all.

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We make
real impact

Results matter. Business success depends on PR that pulls its weight. From insights to execution and from goals to reality, it all needs to be a part of your comprehensive strategy for success.

Mitchell is an expert at local activation and global scale. We implement measurable strategies that begin in local communities and extend across the country and around the world.