Let’s Learn Together

Mitchell offers great opportunities for the next generation of talent to learn and grow. When we combine forces, we can do great things together.

Big Break

Discovering Diverse Talent

A one-week, all-expenses-paid immersion into the Mitchell agency experience during Spring Break

Big Break allows you to learn from agency leaders while building your resume and collaborating with students from across the country on a project for a nonprofit client. If you’re a college senior studying public relations, we want to hear from you!

Big Break interns posing for photo with completion certificates
Group of Big Break interns next to Mitchell logo
Sarah Clark with group of Big Break interns


The best way to learn how to navigate the working world is through real-life, hands-on experience.

Plus, we’ll pay you. Here at Mitchell, you’ll gain valuable skills, chief among them the ability to work with people in your desired field and managing a real-life workload during your time with us.

Do these opportunities sound interesting to you? If you want to gain relevant agency experience while also contributing your skills and talents to Mitchell, let us know.

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