We devised a multi-tiered influencer campaign to reintroduce an iconic product to shoppers and drive sales


Tide PODS have saved users time and messes for years, so when they were relaunched with an even better formula, Walmart shoppers needed to know about it.

Tide PODS relaunched nationwide with a new formula that would perform even better for consumers. At Walmart, shoppers were treated to the renewed product for an every day low price price PLUS a coupon. Our task was to build familiarity with the new version and drive consumers to purchase Tide PODS at Walmart instead of other retailers.

teen doing laundry with Tide PODS


We needed consumers to try the new product, so we gave them proof it worked (courtesy of grassroots influencer content) and an incentive to try it (a coupon).

We created a sales-minded influencer group we called the #PODSquad. Get it? Mitchell identified key influencers from all walks of life and developed a simple, appealing message for them to share far and wide through video, blog and social posts. From recognizable macro influencer faces and platforms like Scary Mommy to nano influencers who were consumers’ neighbors and friends, we created personal connections with an array of shoppers. It all added up to a lot of content, and a lot of reach. And, because we know Walmart shoppers focus on low prices, we positioned a BrandSaver coupon to use at Walmart front and center.

Three influencers form the POD SQUAD
AnnMarie John ad for Tide PODS
Krazy Coupon Lady ad for Tide PODS


Our #PODSquad met our #SquadGoals, and engagement with content was strong across all levels. People clicked into the campaign link and we pushed sales at Walmart.

8.6% engagement rate exceeded our benchmark by 4x+




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