We ignited Marriott’s employee experience through a comprehensive engagement strategy which included a multi-day non-traditional employee experience


After a series of organizational changes, including a major acquisition and integration, Marriott implemented a departmental transformation for their 300+ marketing professionals.

Marriott was in an unprecedented situation. Gaps needed to be filled, teams bridged, working methods reviewed, learned from and streamlined and Marriott had to consider innovative ways to retain and attract top talent. One year into a marketing team transformation, leadership knew it was time to rally the organization and provide a learning-focused solution that could simultaneously provide targeted skills development, place important internal messaging and positively impact engagement. A biannual marketing conference was immediately identified as a golden opportunity.

two females talking during Marriott AMP training session


We AMPed up engagement with a multi-day conference that empowered employees to deepen the understanding of their work, their leaders and the company.

We helped create an event to ignite engagement and empower the team with a clear purpose, positive interactions with leadership, and tools and resources to launch skills and productivity toward high performance. We helped Marriott transform their Accelerate Marketing Performance (AMP) event from a traditional business conference platform – where employees are primarily on the receiving end of communication – to a learning experience that included self-discovery, interaction with leadership, a focus on personal wellness and innovative collaboration with peers.

This three-day experience featured pre-session preparation and post-session, behavior-based reinforcement and message strategy. We helped draft each message, and we built every conference element on a foundation of better understanding the business. The experience was a tipping point in the creation of the needed alignment and focus for the next phase of team growth.

female asking a question at Marriott AMP training session
Gina Miller teaching DiSC session
Marriott professionals at AMP training session


Marriott liked our work so much that they submitted our new employee experience approach for national award consideration. More importantly, Marriott employees connected with their company in positive and meaningful ways.

From our client: “All of your hard work, focus and creativity really shines through and helped produce a truly Amazing, Magnificent, and Powerful conference that will leave a lasting impression on our organization…It felt like a real partnership where you were as invested in the success of AMP as much as we were.”


of employees reported receiving tools and training that will help them be successful

From an employee: “I have been part of the Marriott team for 21 years. And this was by far the best experience I have ever had. I understand purpose and have found passion for my work again.”