We cheekily busted through a common myth by personalizing a national CPG campaign to Sam’s Club shoppers


Cascade had a hit with their national “Do It Every Night” campaign that promoted the little-known fact that running the dishwasher every night actually saves water versus washing dishes by hand. We needed to educate the Sam’s Club shopper on how they could save water, time and money by doing it every night with the help of Cascade Platinum ActionPacs.


We located an online Sam’s Club shopper segment that would respond to the fun of Cascade’s national campaign and flooded their feeds with irresistibly clever content from celeb-level, macro and micro mom and dad influencers.

Through entertaining videos, blog and social posts, our influencers created content that did it right. Two creators, Life of Dad and La Guardia Cross, achieved 37% and 58% engagement rates, respectively. With a strong CTA to do it every night with the help of Cascade, content drove millions of impressions among Sam’s Club shoppers and thousands of link clicks to directly purchase the product on samsclub.com.


We did it! And they kept coming back for more. The fun factor of the campaign drove some of our highest engagement numbers to date. It performed particularly well with dads, with nearly three quarters of the audience being men who were likely taking an even more active role around the house during quarantine.


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