We generated awareness and affinity for Barkman Honey’s Beesponsible platform via the #DontKillMyBuzz celebrity social campaign


In order to inspire others into saving bees, Beesponsible was in need of some major buzz.

Barkman Honey launched its Beesponsible platform to educate consumers on the plight of bees and its own commitment to saving them. The truth is that bees are in trouble. In fact, several have been added to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s endangered list, including most recently the rusty patched bumble bee. The company launched its Bee Harmony line of sustainably sourced honey to provide consumers with a bee-friendly option when shopping for honey. Beyond that, Beesponsible sought to engage the public more broadly into taking action.

bee in purple flowers


We devised a comprehensive campaign called ‘Don’t Kill My Buzz,’ which used media connections and social influencers to help the message take off.

Mitchell developed the ‘Don’t Kill My Buzz’ cause campaign while simultaneously pushing the launch of the Bee Harmony Honey product line. Mitchell helped establish credibility for the movement by facilitating a partnership with the National Wildlife Federation. With that partnership secured, we rolled out a comprehensive campaign aimed at providing multiple ways to engage, from sporting a custom designed T-shirt that gives back to emailing your legislator. We sent materials to members of the media and celebrities, knowing they would respond to an effort that helped bees.

female posing in Don't Kill My Buzz t-shirt
female posing in Don't Kill My Buzz t-shirt
Jesse Tyler Ferguson posing in Don't Kill My Buzz t-shirt


We boosted brand followers, educated readers about a pressing environmental issue and won over celebrities such as Tiffani Thiessen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Keltie Knight, who became keepers of the Beesponsible brand as they wore our shirt in a social post (which they did for free, by the way)


combined boost in Facebook and Instagram followers for Beesponsible

Secured placements in top-tier publications like US Weekly, HuffPost, Cooking Light


increase in visits to Beesponsible.com since campaign launch