We amplified a shopper marketing campaign with traditional public relations by leveraging timely events and athletes to make news


Launch a new shaving product, using an NFL sponsorship and a partnership with professional athletes after the season is over.

Gillette had a new product to launch: the ProShield Razor. They wanted to leverage their NFL partnership, but the campaign kicked off at a less-than-ideal time for media coverage – AFTER the Super Bowl. The regular season wouldn’t return for months and we needed to position our campaign accordingly and attract media attention to spread the word about this new razor.

Gillette pro-shield fusion razor


We went on the offensive and decided to create a media moment around the NFL combine, helping us secure coverage in the offseason.

We focused on a key attribute of Gillette’s ProShield razor: the lubrication that provides protection. We also knew that the first line of protection for an NFL quarterback is his offensive line. So how did we make NFL players relevant after the Super Bowl? We used the next big football milestone – the NFL Combine. Our media coverage drove consumers to ‘30 for 30’-style videos that were featured on the ‘Meet the Protectors’ microsite on Walmart.com. Sports media giant Adam Schefter hosted the videos, lending credibility to the project. Because reporters rarely interview linemen, we positioned the Green Bay Packers O-line as combine experts. Schefter interviewed David Bakhtiari and Corey Linsley, linemen from the Packers. The interviews playfully tied the idea of protecting a quarterback (like offensive linemen do) to protecting a face (like Gillette ProShield does). The players also posted on their social media platforms, driving more views to the site and bolstering awareness about the new product.

Green Bay Packers linemen


We successfully created a relevant message for the new Gillette ProShield product launch and made a media moment by positioning our spokespeople as combine experts.

Earned placements in major sports media like ESPN and SBNation


earned impressions

coverage by other key regional media outlets, such as the Dallas Morning News, The Denver Post and Fox News