We tapped into an overlooked segment of the population with mirror moment stories about independent restaurant owners


Big restaurant chains have the help of logistics partners to keep their shelves stocked. But small, independent restauranteurs are typically on their own.

They represent a very niche market, where being “clean” is key to success. This need became even more pronounced with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because independent restaurants were struggling to stay open, costs became an even bigger focus that normal. So, we knew that reaching this underrepresented group to promote Dawn Professional dish detergent from Sam’s Club would be a real challenge.


Since we needed to reach a very niche audience, we leaned into two tactics we knew could put our message in front of the exact right eyeballs.

First, we tapped influencers to help bring our message to life. But these weren’t just any influencers – they were boots-on-the-ground restauranteurs and caterers. We led the campaign with celebrity chef Richard Blais of “Top Chef” fame and backed up his star power with some talented macro and micro influencers to share how Dawn Pro is the perfect product to bring clean to their professional kitchens in videos and photos.

Then, we partnered with two well-known industry publications – Food & Beverage Magazine and FSP Magazine – to create and deliver custom content to their hundreds of thousands of subscribers and social media fans. We targeted independent restaurant owners with our content to ensure our product would show up for the right people, at the right time.


Nearly 300,000 people watched the entirety of our influencer-made videos, for a very high 19% playthrough rate. Several other impressive feats of the campaign:


engagements with Richard Blais’ content


overall impressions


total reach


cost per engagement