We snagged coverage for Kellogg’s new Baby Shark cereal by casting a wide net to media and developing custom brand assets


After a false start took a bite out of our initial plans, we needed to refocus our efforts to correct some misinformation and make a bigger splash for the product when it was available for purchase

Sometimes even the best laid plans can hit a snag. Several weeks before the launch of Kellogg’s Baby Shark cereal at Sam’s Club, incorrect information about the cereal wound up in the hands of media and food influencers. The announcement needed a major doo doo doo-over, so we quickly jumped in the deep end to clear the waters. Because word of the new cereal broke early, we also needed to ensure consumers remembered to purchase the product on the correct date.

Kellogg's baby shark cereal


We set the record straight with national media, flooded the media and influencer markets with retail and product details – and made the offer even sweeter with Baby Shark merch and customized, sharable digital content.

We adjusted our plan to ensure additional coverage for Kellogg’s at Sam’s Club to help drive traffic and sales when the cereal launched. After creating a media statement, a flurry of story corrections and media outreach, we took back control of the narrative. We knew getting the product in the hands and mouths of media and influencers was key to getting a second wave of stories, and more than 100 of them took us up on the offer. Custom mailers and digital content asset packs including original brand-approved GIFs, lifestyle and product photos and B-roll were also shared with media and influencers – boosting our chances for strong content online and on the air. And it worked!

SamsClub.com also used our content at the point of purchase for the cereal online. In total, Mitchell helped reel in more than 1,200 national and local stories and nearly 100 pieces of influencer content.

dad and son with Baby Shark cereal


We set off a frenzy of coverage that led to product sellouts.


pieces of content between earned media and influencers


estimated coverage view between television and social

The cereal sold out online in just 30 minutes