We took media and influencers straight to the source of Triscuit’s wheat—the golden fields of Pigeon, Michigan


Consumers are becoming more and more wellness focused, and Triscuit needed to secure its place in consumers’ minds as a go-to snack with authentic ingredients.

For over 100 years, Triscuit Crackers have always started with three simple ingredients: 100% whole grain wheat, oil and salt, but consumers were gravitating towards new products for their real food snack fix. The brand needed to reinforce its simplicity and versatility message as well as tell their sourcing story to strengthen Triscuit’s position as a must-have healthy snack.

farm table at Triscuit event


We dreamed up an exclusive wheat harvest celebration for food media and influencers at Triscuit’s agriculture cooperative in Michigan.

We created an experiential three-day press and influencer trip to Triscuit’s primary agriculture cooperative to showcase the brand’s commitment to simple, authentic ingredients. Attendees got to meet the farming families that have been growing wheat for Triscuit for over three generations, as well as enjoy a harvest happy hour, co-op plant visit and tour of the fields. The trip culminated in a dinner right in the golden wheat fields with food by James Beard-nominated chef James Rigato and a reveal of the brand’s newest snack, Triscuit Wheatberry Clusters. The stories that resulted from the press trip established Triscuit as a brand that cares about simple, authentic ingredients, sustainability, and its relationship with its farmer partners.

female influencer taking food photo at Triscuit event
triscuit cracker appetizer on farm table
female influencer eating triscuit cracker


We reaped the benefits of our hard work and ingenuity, capturing attention that led to earned media coverage and an expansion of Triscuit’s base.


earned media impressions

Secured coverage in top-tier publications such as Chowhound, EatingWell, Forbes, The Daily Meal and The Nibble


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