We created the first conference call for pets to bring pet owners and media together with a brand during a global pandemic


The novel coronavirus outbreak of spring 2020 forced us to re-evaluate our communications strategy and cancel a planned in-person media activation for Freshpet.

Evaluating the landscape and nationwide recommendations to social distance, we discovered one simple truth remained: the desire for people to feel connected. With that, we believed that a brand founded on the principles of giving pets the best could be the one that brought animals and their pet parents together during a moment in time when they needed it most.


To launch a technology-enabled approach that allowed Freshpet to bring the pet community and media together via the first-ever pet conference call, dubbed Zoomies.

Tapping into the growing meeting platform Zoom, Mitchell developed and executed Zoomies in a matter of weeks. Designed to be a welcome diversion for people stuck at home, actor and animal advocate Rainn Wilson provided the star power needed to not only boost awareness but deliver the entertainment chops needed. The resulting format put pets front and center and let their parents be part of an unexpected moment. Plus, the timing and circumstances gave Freshpet an opportunity to announce the launch of its animal rescue charitable program, Fresh Start, early – giving pet organizations much needed financial help needed during the pandemic.


Goals for Zoomies exceeded expectations, connecting the brand with pet lovers and animal advocates across the country, all while creating a halo for Freshpet.


Consumer impressions with 230 earned media stories


Pets and their owners participated


Increase in Fresh Start rescue nominations